We are in the business of Real Estate, Finance and medical industry for over 30 years in Australia and New Zealand. Mr. Akhtar is the chairman of the Sahara Group.

Original history start with ayurvedic herbal medicine, that develop with over many generation knowledge which has opened up many new opportunity for us, with the help of  professionals team to meet the urgent need of finding health food solution, we were able to establish Sahara Food in 1990. Recently we have develop new herbal coffee brand which has lots of health benefits.


Our strategy is to serve you by providing viable options from consulting to seeking the best investment based upon your individual needs and how much you want to invest.

This is our top-most priority to facilitate easier acquisition and disposition of Australian Real Estate worldwide.

We are able to draw on our wealth of knowledge to assist in structuring transactions and this is supported by our thirty years of business experience. This is what we are good at.

We are looking forward to you being part of what we are confident of what will be a very prosperous and rewarding partnership.

This is my team


Mr. Akhtar is a first person on earth in many century, who is a creator of new economic and social justice model, which will be release soon.

New Model will set free all mankind from suffering poverty and slavery descended upon them.

New model is sustainable, it will create new everlasting economic system, which human eyes never witness before in the human history.

This is a great humanitarian task for the long term sustainable benefit and economic improvement of our future generations.