About Mohammad Akhtar

He is the chairman of Sahara Group and C.E.O of Sahara global equity also Sahara global real estate; both are the part of Sahara group Australia.

We are in the business of real estate finance, banking, and dairy farming investments for over 30 years.

We are able, to draw on our wealth of knowledge to finance and assist in structuring transactions, and this is supported by our over 30 years of business experience, this is what we are incredibly good at.


Message from chairman

Are you tired unhappy unable to get what you deserve? the financial condition is turning in to nightmare, come to us change, develop, and grow?

We have created the opportunity for you to migrate or invest through us, “we will provide full financial assistance and guide you for each step on the way.

Acquire financial freedom and raise your children in your own culture without fears, secure your future in new fast developing countries. “Contact us to find out, how you can join us to become our equity partner, “with or without investment”

This is my team

At present human history, Mr. Akhtar is the only one, who is a creator of new economic and social justice model, which will be release soon.

New Model will set free humanity from suffering poverty and slavery descended upon them.

New model is sustainable, it will create new everlasting economic system, which human eyes never witness before in the human history.