FORTHCOMING PROJECTS                    Financial overview.

We are in the business of real estate, finance, banking and dairy farming for over 30 years.

The Sahara equity is please to publicise, that” our initial Azerbaijan project developments contain some of the following, the Apartment building, hotel building and two new resort sites. 


We will apply and obtain permanent residence within 90 days for our clients, the entire family qualify to obtain citizenship after 5 years of PR.

  • We offer 12% rental return guarantee for first two year.
  • Self-manage can achieve over 24% rental return.
  • We offer you; 50% loan to purchase the apartment.
  • Current property appreciation is up to 400%.
  • Purchasing, selling, or renting through real estate in Azerbaijan is 100% safe and risk-free.

Booking payment                                                     10,000

payable by 18 monthly instalment                        23,500

pay at transfer date                                                40,000

Total apartment price                                    US$67,000 


After purchasing  through Sahara equity, investors don’t need to be in Azerbaijan, to manage their properties or investments. 
We offer you to mange, rent out and maintain your properties or investments; for each step on the way your approval will be obtain through email.
The monthly rental amount will be credit in your nominated bank account, anywhere in the world, our property management service fee is 6% of the rental income.
We are please to offer you the opportunity to invest in the most exciting real estate deal on the planet, it is a sustainable everlasting asset-based model, where you will never lose your money, instead’ “It is an incredible wealth creation and financial accommodation system”

  • Power your financial possession by using our money to purchase property, and obtain permanent residence also citizenship, along with lifetime source of income.
  • Affordable investment, payable in instalment for lifetime protected asset, Azerbaijan residence enjoy affordable medical and education.

  • Addressing the needs of individual investors and planting the seeds for a secure future.

  • Join the overseas community club a clean and safe haven for our families and future generation.

Azerbaijan is at main CPAC route, which relates to road to Russia, Europe, Middle East, and Asia.

  • Since the independence from Russia, the oil gas and gold rich fast-developing countries, like Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan are creating new opportunities, and nowadays there is lots of CPAC investment activities.
  • Currently annual tourist arrival in Azerbaijan is over 3.8 million, also 15 million in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, and Tajikistan.
  • Sahara equity have demand for short-term accommodation, due to the continues increase of visitors in Azerbaijan.
  • Azerbaijan will be your safe-haven in any situation, “if difficult time arrive”
  • Don’t miss out such opportunity may don’t bypass again.


Sahara equity is launching the Azerbaijan real estate project soon, please register your interest for property or business.

    • Sahara equity 50% Loan is available for the following businesses in Azerbaijan. (Equity partnership Loan)
    • Meat Business. 
    • Basmati Rice.
    • Bedsheets, Linen and Towels.

Google to watch about “Azerbaijan: The Rising Phoenix” – documentary film – 2018

Click this link “About Sahara